Cardiovascular Technician Schools

Cardiovascular Technician Schools

A cardiovascular technician, sometimes referred to as an EKG technician, is a health care professional that uses special equipment to monitor heart rate and rhythm. They also assist physicians with diagnosing cardiac (heart) and peripheral vascular (veins) problems in patients. Cardiovascular technician schools train students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in this field.

Cardiovascular technician Job Description

The main role of a cardiovascular technician is to assist physicians and other medical staff with diagnosing patients with heart conditions. By using the EKG equipment, an EKG technician can help physicians treat patients with cardiac or vascular problems, such as blood clots. Cardiovascular technician schools train students on a wide variety of skills they will need to utilize on the job. Other common cardiovascular technician job duties include:

  • Prepare patients for imaging procedures.
  • Record findings and track patient’s records.
  • Prepare and maintain EKG imaging equipment.
  • Analyze images and perform quality control.
  • Discuss image results with doctors and other medical staff.

Recommended Cardiovascular Technician Schools

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Cardiovascular Technician Salary

Cardiovascular technicians are some of the best paid health technicians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the average cardiovascular technician salary was $49,410 per year, or about $23 per hour. Education and experience are large factors that may influence cardiovascular technician salary. The cost of living of specific geographical locations may also affect salary. The top 10% of cardiovascular technicians earned more than $77,000 per year.

Cardiovascular Technician Jobs

According to the BLS, the cardiovascular technician career field will experience a 29% growth between 2010 and 2020. That will result in over 14,000 new cardiovascular technician jobs in the United States.  One reason health services occupations are growing is because of the increasing number of aging Baby Boomers that require medical attention. Other occupations experiencing similar growth are radiology technician and dialysis technician. Cardiovascular technician schools will give students the training they need to take advantage of this excellent career opportunity.

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