What is an EKG Technician?

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A cardiovascular technician, often referred to as an electrocardiogram (EKG) technician, is an allied health professional that has been trained to operate imaging equipment to help physicians assess cardiac and vascular problems. In order to become an EKG technician, you must attend a training program from an EKG technician school.

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EKG Technician Job Description

EKG technicians help doctors diagnose cardiac (heart) and vascular (blood vessel) medical issues in patients. An EKG technician may also help physicians deliver treatment to patients with cardiac and vascular problems, such as blood clots. Some typical job duties may include:

  • Take and record a patient’s medical history.
  • Prepare and maintain imaging equipment.
  • Prepare non-invasive imaging procedures, such as ultrasound or electrocardiogram.
  • Read and analyze images produced by EKG equipment.
  • Communicate EKG results to physicians.

Some technicians assist doctors with invasive and non-invasive procedures, such as inserting catheters.

EKG Technician Pay

Many people choose a field in cardiovascular technology because of the competitive pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EKG technician pay averages at $49,410 annually. The upper 10 percent of EKG techs earned more than $77,000 a year. EKG technician pay is usually commensurate with education and experience. The cost of living in a given geographic area can also affect EKG tech pay. One of the best ways to see what your pay could be is to look for EKG technician jobs in your area.

EKG Technician Jobs

The BLS projects that between 2010 and 2020 EKG technician jobs will grow by 29% in the U.S. This growth rate is much faster than average when compared with other occupations. This growth is good news for students that are considering a career in EKG technology. The BLS has indicated that this growth could result in over 14,000 new jobs. Finding EKG tech jobs in your area is easy with online job boards like Indeed.com.

EKG Technician Jobs

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